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How to Maintain Your Septic Tank

Posted - 03/01/2012

Homes that are not connected to the city sewer network use a septic tank to dispose of wastewater. Septic tanks need occasional maintenance to keep them in good working order. Bacteria break down the sludge, but not other items that might have been flushed. Cigarette butts and other non-organic objects build up in the septic system, causing clogged pipes and damage to the drain field. Preventive maintenance includes arranging for a qualified plumber to check the septic tank every two years, to see if it needs to be emptied. If the septic system clogs and backs up, then there is the possibility of damage to the drain field. The resulting leakage will attract tree roots that could break the septic tank and destroy the clay pipes that were commonly used in older homes. If the tree bears fruit, then the contamination will spread to whoever eats it. A professional plumbing company handles all kinds of water and sewer problems. They will tell you that preventive maintenance is inexpensive compared to replacing the drain field. Plumbers can replace inferior clay pipes with PVC. Tree roots cannot detect moisture through PVC. Your local plumbers can keep the septic system in optimal working condition with preventive maintenance.
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